Experience has shown that developing a countertrade strategy will pay dividends in increasing your competitiveness and profitability.

At Stanley & Clark we work closely with our customers to ensure that your strategy for countertrade meets your business goals, whether you are focused on winning a specific contract or looking to grow your business in a strategically important market.

We work closely with your organisation to enhance your outsourcing, procurement, investments and technologies making it a competitive advantage with a maximum impact on your Business Development goals.

If your organisation can offer your products or services generating new revenue stream under countertrade, with our experience we assist you in constructing a business strategy that will achieve your targets .

A solid industrial plan for countertrade is expression for your customer on how your company will be committed to making the countertrade programme a success (increasing your organisation’s competitiveness) , removing any risk while improving profitability.

In situations where your organisation is preparing a tender or if you already have a contract that has a requirement for countertrade, we can assist you in the development of the countertrade plan to achieve the maximum value for your organisation.

Stanley and Clark, when needed, can support with a ‘quick turnaround’ for competitive tender providing adequate support to the customers .