International Governative Market Countertrading

In the international defence market, where price and technical excellence are taken for granted, countertrade has become an important differentiator in deciding the outcome of contract decisions, this is where preparation of compliant tenders comes in. Governments now place great importance in the economic benefits brought through countertrade programmes, placing growing demands on defence companies.

Stanley & Clark has the skills and experience to assist our clients in the preparation of fully compliant, cost effective and attractive countertrade Tenders which will ensure that your proposal receives maximum points in any tender evaluation.

We have developed great experience being responsible, as a consultant for major US companies of the off-set negotiations as well as of the off-set plan completions giving us the possibility of involving third countries/industries in the finalization of an Industrial Plan.

Stanley & Clark promoting primes for acquisition programs, international cooperation,Defense and not Defense related activities with suitable technological content, development and consolidation of technological and industrial Base, transfer & settlement of appropriate technology, creation of high skills jobs and advancement of education & training opportunities provide furthermore a growth opportunity for our customers in the contractors Countries.

We will work closely with your bid team to provide the following:

An countertrade proposal that is compliant (eligible) with the customer’s countertrade regulations.
• Increase the perceived value of your tender by demonstrating consistency with national policies objectives.
• Provide a description of the potential (eligible) countertrade transactions and local industry.
• Identify strategically important technologies and the potential customer benefit.

• Our services to Defence Companies include:

• Market intelligence, country information
• Preparation of bids and tenders
• Support during negotiations
• Identification and assessment of countertrade projects
• Risk assessment
• Management of countertrade projects
• Mentoring of individuals in the countertrade team to facilitate skills transfer

In summary, what you can gain from working with Stanley & Clark is comprehensive support in all aspects of countertrade management to suit your specific requirements and turn it into another business opportunity.